The question of “What is the difference between a barber and a hairdresser?” should be discussed more often. There are still a large proportion of gentleman attending hairdresser salons, often paying inflated prices.

Traditionally a hairdresser is trained in cutting, styling, colouring and washing other people’s hair – and have a primary focus on women.

Barber is a term that has been traditionally associated to professionals who are trained in cutting men’s hair. A barber is an expert who looks after grooming needs of men such as shaving, trimming of beards, maintaining moustaches and in more recent times skin fades . The profession of a barber is very old and they have been there looking after grooming needs of men since ancient times.

You would mostly find hairdressers in salons and barbers in barber shops – and in summary if you are a male then you would be best suited to a barber in a barber shop, and get a person who has more experience cutting and styling men’s hair.

You may not get the massages, shampoo and conditioner in the barber shop, however you will often pay significantly less.